First of all, we highly appreciate the dedication of the entire community accompanying all members of the BBS team.

The project development team always makes every endeavor to focus on developing products, contacting and negotiating with partners, searching and offering suitable marketing plans.

During the bear market days, we also witnessed the rapid growth of BBS. We also succeed in building a strong community from hundreds and now into tens of thousands, and that number will continue to grow in the near future.

BBS have made memorable milestones.

✅ 1. BBS price recovered according to the cryptocurrencies market and increased up to 300% compared to yesterday’s the bottom price.

✅ 2. Current Marketing campaign still attracts so many people participating in our group. Now there are over 35.100 members.

✅ 3. Baby-shark.FInance listed on Coingekco.com: https://www.coingecko.com/en/coins/baby-shark-finance

✅ 4. Marketing campaign team is trying to spread information through Telegram, Twitter, Youtube,…

✅ 5. Business developers are contacting with KOLs from big communities to pass on BBS information to their communities.

✅ 6. BBS has more than 2800 holders. We have submitted a logo update request for BBS on Trust Wallet

✅ 7. In addition, we are seeking the best way to create a super league with coins which are the same features as BBS.

We are trying our best but it’s a task of challenge for Marketing to be successful without your support.

Please follow all tasks when we need your support! We will get rich together ❤️

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